Monthly Archives: February 2017

Old Glory Blues

A native of the East Riding I met described our southernmost patch of the southernmost county of York as ‘only just’ Yorkshire. It’s an attitude echoed by many in Sheffield if asked about the anomalous Hallamshire district I grew up in. And on a scale of one to full blown Hallamite I’d say I’m about a four. So we’re talking pretty homeopathic concentrations of regional identity compared to some.

Atlantis (ii)

As the lyric emerged I had hopes that it could evoke a timescale longer than a single human life. The title was the last thing to come to me and I liked it precisely because it seemed to strengthen this possibility.

Atlantis (i)

I believe it was still customary in the seventies to put children out in the pram for a period each day whatever the weather. And I suppose I must have made my earliest explorations, stumbling across rough concrete paving slabs into wet grass, rose hips and what not.

Forlorn Hope

As we passed by I noticed one was for sale. As soon as I regained a signal I had a quick search out of interest and was a little surprised to find an asking price north of sixty grand.

Land of Cockaigne

It’s not clear to me why one particular image in a book of images, out of all the thousands of images that pass before my modern eye should provoke a response. However, my first thought on seeing the plump bodies slobbing about was that this was a pretty good representation of the average Sunday afternoon round our house.

Notes on a playlist

In music, as in all things, I take a generalist rather than a specialist approach. I enjoy exploring wide ranging styles of music and, as I think is probably evident from this playlist, tend to be drawn to certain consistent characteristics regardless of genre.